Ambassador Program

TBird is trying to change how we view traveling and booking services. We believe in competitive pricing where EVERYONE should hold the Power of a Price SETTER.

Our members speak hundreds of languages and live all around the world.

This program praises and gives back to members of the TBird community who help us spread the word about TBird.

TBird Ambassador Program is for those who help us share TBird and invite more members to the community.

The activity also includes contributing to great blog posts, tags, references, mentions of TBird during vlogs, interviews, shutouts.

We will reward you with:

1.    No Commission Fees - nothing, nada, not even a penny.

Help us bring more members on board and help us grow, enjoy unlimited transactions with no commission fee. Whatever you earn goes straight to your pocket.

2.    Free trips - we will reward our most loyal members with free trips to their dream destinations. No Jokes!

*Hint* most loyal members are the ones that join our TBird community early on.

3.    We will feature You - Be Heard! Write positive posts, and we will repost them on our Social media.

Start early and help us grow. We won't forget your kind gesture and will reward you!

Inspire others to become a Price Setter!