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Become a Price Setter. Decide how much you want to pay and receive offers from service providers.

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You are a Price Setter

Set your price on accommodations, tours, and transportation services and let hosts negotiate or match it.

Negotiate & Bid

Unique negotiation and bidding system allows you to send multiple offers to many potential Service Users, so you are always in control of your bookings, prices, and income stream.

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Whether you like to plan your adventure in advance or last minute, we’ve got you covered.

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Browse through requests near you, submit your offers, and get paid.

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Whether you are a Service Provider or a Service User, Tbird allows you to use one single profile for all your needs.

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About the Company

TBIRD is a new kind of a booking company that is reinventing the way people find accommodations, transportation, and tour services by leveraging the power of Negotiation and Bidding among users.

We allow Users to gain access to alternative income at a time and place convenient for them, as well as, gain competitive pricing through a built-in negotiation and bidding process.