Safety Basics

Your Safety is our Priority.

1. Review Profiles Carefully

It is important that TBIRD Users review each other Profiles before offering or booking a Service. Take time to read what Users say about themselves and what other users have said about them. Give yourself a time to thoroughly read through the information and do not compromise or settle. Find a User you feel comfortable with connecting and offering/booking a Service with.

2. Check Users' Social Media

TBIRD verifies its' Users through Social Media. Make sure you check that feature out and feel comfortable with a User you are engaging with.

3. Check References and Read Reviews

Please ensure you check references and read reviews from users. Reviews and References split into two parts: for Service Providers, and for Travelers. If you are a Service User, make sure to check out Service Provider reviews and if you are a Service Provider make sure to check Service User's ratings and reviews.

4. Trust Your Instincts

If a person, conversation, profile, or situation seem uncomfortable or unsafe, move on. Be clear about your boundaries and do not be shy about stating them. Communicate clearly with others and take care of yourself. If you are uncomfortable staying alone with a member or taking a private tour with a member, then consider staying with families or couples and join group tours.

5. Have a Backup Plan

We try to make the best experience for you, unfortunately, sometimes things don't work out with a Service Provider, or they misrepresented their home, or themselves, make sure you have an alternative plan of where you could stay, how you can find transportation, and where to search for other tour options.

6. Use TBIRD Messenger

This feature was built for you! Please use our built-in Messenger system to discuss the address of pick up, meet point, specific address. Also, use this messenger for your communication needs with the Service Provider and Traveler until the Service is complete. Confirming trips and keeping all communication on the TBIRD Platform helps us to identify issues and react quickly.

7. Be Informed about the culture where you are traveling

Every culture is different. Make sure to do your homework and be sure that you are aware of cultural and religious differences, sensitivities, and general safety recommendations for each place you decide to visit. Also, gender roles and expectations might differ.

Please use following links to references for safety and advisories:

U.S. Department of State: Travel Alerts and Warnings

Gov.UK: Foreign Travel Advice

The Government of Canada: Country Travel Advice and Advisories

8. Know Your Limits

Make sure your Safety is number one priority. Do not put your Safety and well-being in the hands of others. Ensure you are always in control of a situation and you are comfortable with people who surround you.

9. Meet in a Public Place

We encourage you to meet with a potential Service Provider or Traveler in a public place. Make sure you are comfortable with the person.

10. Leave Ratings and References

Use our Ratings and References System to let other Users know about your experiences with people you interact. Be honest and clear; this will help to improve quality of Service Providers and Travelers on our Platform. We Thank you in Advance!

11. Report Negative Experiences

Please report any safety concerns to help keep TBIRD safe. You can easily submit your report through the TBIRD app.


Personal Safety Tips

1.    Research

2.    Communicate

3.    During your Service Provider/Traveler experience